One’s first impulse here might be to decorate your villa in the same style as you’ve decorated your home. I mean, that makes sense (assuming you like the way your home is decorated), but it’s not very … exciting. By all means, if you want your summer home to look pretty much exactly like the home you live in all year round, be my guest! But allow me to suggest you do something a little bit more fun. This is your vacation house! In Orlando!

This is somewhere you want a party bus Waterloo ON to not look out of place! You are here to remove yourself from your normal life, and remove yourself you should, in more ways than just geographically. I’m not suggesting that you give your house some sort of crazy or obnoxious theme (although if you did pick an under the sea theme, it would be super dope to have a whole wall be a fish tank, so you could see the other room through the glass … just sayin’) but add some pizzaz!  Continue reading “Decorating”


So if you have this villa in Orlando, the idea, probably, is that you won’t be living here all year round. You might just use it for the winter months to escape the cold, especially if you work at Aurora tow company or you might use it for your summer vacation. Or a little bit of both. To each his own. The point is, there are presumably going to be months of the year in which you will not be at this villa. So what’s going to happen to the place when you’re not around?

Will you visit frequently to make sure everything is still intact? Do you have a friend who lives down there year-round check in on it every once in a while? Do you give people access so they can get in every week or so and check on things (is that a thing people do? … I don’t know)? Or do you rent it out? There are obviously pros and cons to renting out your gorgeous villa to people who aren’t you.  We’ll start with the pros.

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The Garden

Manicured lawn, or flowering paradise? Water garden, or cactus sanctuary? Stone-covered or treed? These are all things you need to consider. You need to consider a number of factors when deciding what kind of yard you want to have. How much time do you want to spend taking care of it? Are you willing to pay someone else to take care of it, if you don’t have the time?

How much money are you willing to spend? Will it have enough room to accommodate all that food supplied for your garden parties? Will it match the rest of the neighbourhood? Do you even care if it matches the rest of the neighbourhood? It’s all up to you. Of course, there will be some sort of yard, and potentially a garden, in place when you buy the villa, and it might be easier to stick with what’s already there, making some mild modifications.

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I think one of the main things to consider when thinking about a summer home is whether you are the type of person who wants neighbours. Granted, depending on your budget and preferred location, you may not have much of a say in that. Or, rather, you may have less of a say in some places than in others. You might not be able to choose, for example, whether you have a neighbour at all, but rather, how close to you that neighbour will be. And remember, a neighbour hiring the best arborist Kansas City MO has to offer is real, so don’t think trees guarantee you any sort of privacy.

I know one thing for certain, wherever I end up buying my hypothetical summer home, I absolutely refuse to have an apartment above me.  I have been there. I have lived that nightmare. In fact, as I sit here on the couch in my real home with furious winter winds blowing around outside, I am enjoying the elephant-like footfalls of my upstairs neighbour. May he forever step on Lego pieces. So, no, no one living above me. Would I be willing to share a wall with another apartment, townhouse-stylez? If that’s all my budget would allow, then perhaps, but if I could avoid it, obviously, I would.

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