So, as you may have guessed, this site is all about the villa I have in Orlando with my husband. Well … okay, that’s not exactly true. This site is about the villa I would like to have in Orlando with my husband. Well, my fiancé. Actually … he’s just my boyfriend. But whatever, while we’re dreaming, right? So anyway, back to this villa. Admittedly, there are a lot of places I’d rather have a villa than Orlando, but I’ve fantasized about other summer homes that I’d like to have in other blogs that I’ve written and frankly, if one day I have enough disposable income to have more than one summer home, why not Orlando? Also, daydreaming is fun, and I’ve got time on my hands, and apparently you do, too (otherwise what on Earth are you doing reading this ridiculous blog … get back to work). If you haven’t guessed yet from the tone, this blog is largely going to be me just fantasizing about the ideal summer home, so know what you’re getting into before you dive any further in.

I imagine that different people would look for different things in their respective summer homes. For example, some people might find it really important to be close to a body of water. Others might be too afraid of the possibility that landsharks really do exist, and would rather live as far inland as possible. But, that said, those people who move inland might then find themselves situated close to marshlands (we are hypothetically in Florida, after all), and realize that there is a very real chance that they could get swallowed up by an alligator or a crocodile (or whichever type lives there … probably all of them) on an evening walk, and then just move back to Toronto, where the most dangerous animal is the dreaded rabid hipster.

But this blog isn’t about what other people might like in their summer homes. Who cares about those people. This is my blog and my fantasy, and, as such, this is about what I want. Realistically, I don’t really know why you are particularly interested, dear reader, but I’m glad to have you along for the ride, nevertheless. Maybe you’re hoping to get some ballin’ ideas for your own summer home. If so, I hope to help! I am, I assure you, by no means any kind of famed interior or exterior decorator (though I did work at Pier 1 for about 10 months), but I’d like to think I have a neat sense of style and some fun ideas. Mostly, these ideas will be forever outside my price range, and will thus, for me, at least, remain fantasies in perpetua. You, on the other hand, may find yourself in very different circumstances than I, and actually be looking to remodel one of your seven Florida homes. If so, well done you, and I hope that you enjoy the musings of this pining pleb.