One’s first impulse here might be to decorate your villa in the same style as you’ve decorated your home. I mean, that makes sense (assuming you like the way your home is decorated), but it’s not very … exciting. By all means, if you want your summer home to look pretty much exactly like the home you live in all year round, be my guest! But allow me to suggest you do something a little bit more fun. This is your vacation house! In Orlando!

This is somewhere you want a party bus Waterloo ON to not look out of place! You are here to remove yourself from your normal life, and remove yourself you should, in more ways than just geographically. I’m not suggesting that you give your house some sort of crazy or obnoxious theme (although if you did pick an under the sea theme, it would be super dope to have a whole wall be a fish tank, so you could see the other room through the glass … just sayin’) but add some pizzaz! Be a little funky! Hell, you can theme it if you want! We’ve all been to shore houses that have nothing but shells and pictures of seagulls in them, and frankly, you probably don’t think twice. It’s a shore house, you think. Why shouldn’t it have a shore theme? And then you move on, and you don’t even notice that the soap dish in the upstairs bathroom is made out of a clam shell, let alone scoff at it for being tacky.

So get creative. You’re in Orlando. You’re here to enjoy the sun, hit up a beach, maybe get down and party. Why not have a summer home that reflects that? Is your living room at home an olive green with soft bronze accents? Cool. You’re comfortable with that. So let’s just take that basic theme and jazz it up a bit. Maybe brighten up the green a bit. Go from olive to fern, or hell, if you’re feeling super funky, to shamrock (they’re all plant colours, at least). And instead of bronze, throw in a little bit of gold! (Granted, you’d have to make sure in this case your living space doesn’t look like a Leprechaun’s lair … unless that’s what you’re going for, in which case, fantastic.)

And what about the bathroom. At home, you’ve likely got some soft colour, like buttermilk yellow or blush pink in there. Which is fine for a regular human’s bathroom in a regular human’s regular house. But this is not your regular house. Also, it’s the bathroom, so I feel like you can get away with some eccentricities in here that might look completely batty in other rooms. So why not theme the bathroom?

Have some fun! You want that clamshell soap dish you saw in your friend’s uncle’s shore house? Get it! Paint the walls aquamarine or royal blue and get some crazy towels and hang up a picture of a shrimp and call it a day. All I’m saying is, if you want to get creative with some decorations, here’s your chance. You don’t have to go nuts, but you can let a little more of yourself shine through here, so why don’t you!