One’s first impulse here might be to decorate your villa in the same style as you’ve decorated your home. I mean, that makes sense (assuming you like the way your home is decorated), but it’s not very … exciting. By all means, if you want your summer home to look pretty much exactly like the home you live in all year round, be my guest! But allow me to suggest you do something a little bit more fun. This is your vacation house! In Orlando!

This is somewhere you want a party bus Waterloo ON to not look out of place! You are here to remove yourself from your normal life, and remove yourself you should, in more ways than just geographically. I’m not suggesting that you give your house some sort of crazy or obnoxious theme (although if you did pick an under the sea theme, it would be super dope to have a whole wall be a fish tank, so you could see the other room through the glass … just sayin’) but add some pizzaz!  Continue reading “Decorating”