I think one of the main things to consider when thinking about a summer home is whether you are the type of person who wants neighbours. Granted, depending on your budget and preferred location, you may not have much of a say in that. Or, rather, you may have less of a say in some places than in others. You might not be able to choose, for example, whether you have a neighbour at all, but rather, how close to you that neighbour will be. And remember, a neighbour hiring the best arborist Kansas City MO has to offer is real, so don’t think trees guarantee you any sort of privacy.

I know one thing for certain, wherever I end up buying my hypothetical summer home, I absolutely refuse to have an apartment above me.  I have been there. I have lived that nightmare. In fact, as I sit here on the couch in my real home with furious winter winds blowing around outside, I am enjoying the elephant-like footfalls of my upstairs neighbour. May he forever step on Lego pieces. So, no, no one living above me. Would I be willing to share a wall with another apartment, townhouse-stylez? If that’s all my budget would allow, then perhaps, but if I could avoid it, obviously, I would.

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